What is YCA's mentorship program?

This is a 3-month mentorship program where youth artists interested in learning more about their field of art will be paired up with a more experienced artist in the same or similar field. Mentors and mentees will meet up twice a month using their platform of choice, and by the end of the three months, there will be an in-person/virtual event where everyone can discuss their mentorship and the progress they’ve made towards their goals. 

When is the program taking place?​

The mentorship starts in October. More specific dates will be given closer to the start of the program.

Why should you become a mentor?

Develop your leadership and interpersonal skills

Network and share knowledge with other mentors

Make a social impact by helping out a new or emerging artist

Gain new perspectives on your field of art

Receive a certificate of completion and (upon request) reference letters

Strengthen your knowledge of your craft

What are a mentor’s responsibilities?

  • Help your mentee set and work towards their goals throughout the course of their mentorship.
  • Help your mentee expand their network.
  • Offer feedback on their art (if applicable).

Become a mentor today​

There is no age requirement, and you don’t have to be an “established” artist in your field. As long as you have experience working in your art of choice and you love helping out fellow artists, we encourage you to apply!

For more information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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