What is YCA?

The Youth Creatives Alliance (YCA) is a centralized coalition that provides a platform for youth artists to connect and share their art and inspiration. The platform is not only restricted to individual artists but also open to artistic organizations that wish to share their available resources and opportunities for minority artists. We also provide mentorship to emerging artists.

Our Mission

We are a network of youth-focused and youth-led arts organizations committed to addressing issues youth artists are facing today.

Our Values


To understand and address barriers to arts participation facing young artists in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


To create accessible and inclusive arts programming for youth

Capacity Building

To share perspectives and resources to improve our capacity to advance youth arts programming

Community Engagement

To provide opportunities and resources for youth artists to develop their own personal and professional arts network

Our Members

Meet Our Team

Frank Ong

Executive Director, INKspire

Bryant Lim

Fundraising Lead, INKspire

Elaine Chen

Creative Director, INKspire

Sherry Shu

Founder, Find Your Story
Writer, INKspire

Kaneera Uthayakumaran

Co-President, Ink Movement

Maliha Bhutta-Khan

President, Stay Woke

Angela Huang

Projects Team Lead, Stay Woke

Saif Khan

Project Coordinator, SAS Canada

Jessica Krukoski

Project Coordinator, SAS Canada

Partnered Organizations

YCA is made up of a network of youth-focused arts organizations

INKspire is a youth-led and volunteer-run nonprofit organization that empowers youth voices by providing a safe and inclusive space for youth to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives on issues that matter to them.

Find Your Story’s mission is to reignite Canadian youth engagement in the language arts, and improve access to language education for students who need support. 

SAS Canada is a T’karonto based youth-led collective advocating for art equity through community projects and exhibitions.

Stay Woke is a youth non-profit organization encouraging a culture of social awareness through creativity to amplify youth voices and build a community of innovative youth change makers.

Ink Movement works to promote creative expression among youth by organizing book publishing projects, workshops, conferences, and other innovative approaches to experiential arts education. 

More About YCA

YCA was started by INKspire at the heart of the pandemic with the aim of bringing youth-led and youth-focused arts organizations together. With this alliance, we hope to deliver arts programming that is accessible, inclusive and equitable to all youth across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

Youth Creatives Alliance is an online platform for art organization to spread awareness of arts in their neighbourhood.

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